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Tatiana Kourochkina Art Gallery, Barcelona

Nadie quiere ser parte de una ficción y menos aún si esa ficción es real
(No one wants to be part of a fiction, and even less so if that fiction is real)
Solo Show
Curator: Valentín Roma

Presented as a conversation between different projects, a dialogue articulated through five thematic guidelines—the passage of time, the disappearance of private and social memory, displacement and its losses, the array of family imaginaries and the house as a receptacle for identity—the exhibition explores the conflicting feelings that arise when we observe our life and sense that it doesn’t quite belong to us.
The long title is not only a leitmotif that links the various works made in a range of media, including book-objects, photographs and videos, but also bears witness to the difficulty to capture an existence that is both familiar and strange, at once hers and of others, that cannot be understood either by the tools of fiction or by the rigors of reality.