selected shows
Extremadura and Ibero-American Museum of Contemporary Art (MEIAC), Badajoz

Synergies. Current Latin American Art in Spain.
Curators: Carlos Jiménez / Carlos Delgado

Andrea Nacach unearths and reveals, as would an archaeologist, different levels of sedimentation of the identity or memory. The object-book Family examines the complex structure of family ties through the tragic story of a death, analyzes the ways of communication between parents and children and has two temporary centers (the 70's and today) linked by the complexity of the affections. But this object-book also reveals a dialogue between explicit memory and the absent memory, torn by a cross-shaped die crossing the eighty pages of the work. A terrible vacuum that does not appeal to spare, but the unfinished nature of memories and endless process of construction of personal identity.
Carlos Delgado Mayordomo