selected shows
2009 VVVGallery. Buenos Aires

REVOLVER is an exhibition comprised of three independent but related projects which address, from different perspectives, the notions of time and space. Hence, the box in $42.75 NYC-BCN appears as an intimate space linking two opposite places and two destinies; in Séptimo Piso, the home being emptied of furniture and people is, also, the passage between a disappearing past and a blank future, devoid of reference points. Finally, in REVOLVER, we observe how individual memory is invoked through a dialogue with images and visual sequences that ‘return’ from time immemorial, to install themselves in this concrete, yet unclear, other time.
Valentín Roma

*Revolver (from Latin revolvêre): 1. tr. Shake something from one side to another, move around or up and down. 2. tr. See or register movement of separate things that were previously ordered. 3. tr. Disturb, entangle. 4. tr. Return to a path previously trodden (Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy).